Film Packages

What is a Film Package?


Every year hundreds of new films are produced for the mass market. Some are feature films and others are made-for-television movies. All have a long life after the initial viewing because of syndication.

Syndicators will take these movies and often categorize them into genres like action/adventure, romance, drama, comedy, horror, etc. If there are enough to create a package of films from a genre, this is one way a film package is created. Alternatively, a package can also be assembled in many other ways - movies based on a generation, a holiday or special event, a specific sport, etc.

Syndicators will take these movies and often categorize these packages of movies which are then sold or bartered by the syndication company to cable networks, television stations and individual networks, or mobile sites - anywhere movies can be seen.

3-2-1 Productions has years of experience offering different movie packages consisting of mixed films offered to commercial television stations on a barter basis. Because of its success, we have acquired other movie packages.