Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes takes viewers to the frontlines of modern medicine with intense, raw and dramatic stories. From the doctors and nurses in the ER to the flight medics on-board rescue helicopters to the vet-techs caring for our animal companions. Healthcare Heroes captures the intense drama and uniquely compelling stories of professionals on the frontlines of modern healthcare.
This series is the winner of the 2010 Jane Pauley Media Award.


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Rylie is two years old and she fighting for her life. What started as a stomach ache, ends her up in an emergency room where her parents Amanda and Albert learn that she has a ruptured kidney caused by a cancerous tumor. Rylie's best hope for a full recovery lies in the hands of Community Regional’s oncologists, who must remove the tumor and her right kidney.

An unexpected pregnancy led Nicky to a difficult decision, and now she is giving her baby up for adoption. Tamera and Fred, longtime family friends, are adopting the newborn. Follow the journey as the adoptive parents eagerly wait to meet their first child while Nicky undergoes her second cesarean section.