Our activities also include first-run television syndication which is the creation of new programs for the purpose of selling these directly to television stations, cable networks, national broadcasting systems or the many new television outlets of recent years.

First-run syndicated programs can be offered on a cash or barter basis. Barter is where an advertiser purchases some part of the advertising opportunities (commercial spots) while the programmer (TV station or cable network) retains a portion of the commercial spots for local advertising sales. This allows the programmer to air a program without having to purchase the program with upfront dollars.

3-2-1 Productions is a full-service production company.

We can create the finest television production using state-of-the art equipment to create television commercials, programs, and paid programming productions.

With access to production facilities along with the latest in technology, we know we can provide whatever is needed to translate the written idea into television reality.

3-2-1 Productions also offers complete design services for imaginative websites, beautiful brochures and promotion packages in support of our clients’ marketing efforts.

Through our collaboration with the Bey 12 Web and Marketing our services also include the production of stills, TV and print ads and any other advertising or marketing materials that may be required.

3-2-1 Productions has a special arrangement with Zephyr Media Group www.zephyr-media.com who has a 20 year history in television media planning and buying. Our specialty team provides ad sales for any television project.

In addition to advertising sales, Zephyr Media Group and 3-2-1 Productions also has expertise in direct response television advertising that can benefit the producer as well as the television stations.